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Imprint & Legal Notes

Inframiel Assists in:

Spectrometer and software evaluation
      -  Method development and transfer of spectra
      -  Establishing quantitative calibrations for the determination of various properties in honey
      -  Establishing chemometric models for the authentication of the botanical origin of honey
      -  Chemometric data evaluation
      -  Classical physical, chemical and pollen analysis of honey
      -  Expertise in bee products and apiculture

Advantages of Infrared Spectroscopy in Honey Analysis:

  • Allows several constituents to be measured concurrently within a few minutes
  • Reproducible classification of unifloral and polyfloral honeys with a single analytical technique
  • Quantitative analysis and authenticity testing is carried out using the same spectra
  • Allows to test for specific composition requirements e.g. of standardised honey blends
  • Minimal sample preparation, no solvents or harmful reagents are required
  • Inexpensive analytical method, once the calibration or classification models are established
  • Approved technique with various applications in food, feed and pharmaceutical analysis
  • Robust physical method, excellent reproducibilty

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